4 March

FireEye Partner Momentum 2018

FireEye is on the front lines of cyberattacks every day. Our experts’ knowledge of the threat landscape provides insights that enable us to build the best technologies in the industry. Our fundamental belief is that a hands-on, front-line expertise and intelligence, combined with innovative technology, provides the best means to protect our customers from cyber threats. This also further equips our product teams with a constant source of feedback from which we continuously improve our products with unmatched sophistication, creating a unique innovation cycle.

At Momentum 2018, we will focus on our plans to build on the foundations we have created, and the advantages made possible by our unique innovation cycle of front-line services, intelligence and technology. We will showcase the new FireEye road map, latest packaging, pricing and GTM for mid market, partner portal updates and much more. The opportunities in 2018 are far greater than ever before and we want you to be a part of this partnership journey.